Meant to blog something today but was swamped..


Yes that old excuse again but with only 2 weeks until Christmas we are now at the height for the Christmas present buying period and getting orders out the door as quickly as poss and also trying to make sure the right gear in being reordered is rather soaking up a lot of time...

Also on another note, we seem to be ready busy with group/bulk orders at the mo with all sorts of gear going out to loads of different companies/organisation.  At the moment we have Nordic walking poles going to a one charity, water containers to a coffee retail company, 5 season sleeping bags to Spain, gear to the Police, wellingtons to a 5 star hotel and a very large order to a Childrens' Charity.  Keeps us on our toes.  If you want a quote for a bulk/group order, drop us an email and I will get you a super quote sorted asap

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