The Frontier Portable Stove: The Camping Log Burner


You'll find it as no surprise that we love the outdoors. We stock a wide range of kit designed to help you make the most of your camping adventure. Some items you may be very familiar with, while others may be a bit more of...a mystery.

The Frontier portable camping stove is new to our range and may not seem like your average piece of camping equipment. Why would you want to take a wood burning stove camping with you? It may seem rather impractical, but we’re pleased to tell you that far from the truth.

The Frontier portable camping stove - Complete Outdoors

The stove is surprisingly portable - it only weighs 10kg. The flue comes apart and is stored inside the belly of the stove and the legs fold up. There is also an additional carry bag which makes transporting it around even easier.

In fact the Frontier portable camping stove is the perfect addition to a family holiday. If, like us, you have fond memories of sitting around a campfire, chatting and cooking dinner, you may also have memories of getting smoke in your face every time the wind changed direction.

Using a Frontier stove enables you to recreate those memories but without the smoke-filled face shot.

It has a long flue which transports all the smoke 2.5 m into the air - way out of face range.

Frontier camping stove with 2.5m flue

You can also cook a wider range of food on it, it has space for two pans, and its removable hot plate means you can cook directly on the flames when required.

Think of all the exciting meals you could create - the kids are no longer forced to just eat burnt sausages on a stick!

Using the Frontier stove is also more cost effective than using an open fire, as it is much more fuel efficient, meaning you burn less fuel.

Another big benefit is their ability to dodge campsite laws. You may be aware that most UK campsites don't allow open fires anymore...however they do allow you to use a Frontier Stove. Wood is such a good fuel to use, it smells amazing, it is readily available and it’s a sustainable fuel. 

Therefore you can be happily kept warm without having to worry about negative environmental impacts. The Frontier portable camping stove is great for use outside, however it is also able to be installed into certain temporary structures such as bell tents, tipis (like the Robens Klondike tipi) vans, and even your garden shed!

If a Frontier stove sound like something you would like to look at, do please get in touch and we can help you find the right accessories. You can also come and check them out in our Bourne End store.

Buy online for £159.99 -

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