The Ultimate Glastonbury Packing List 2019


It's that time of year again.

Glastonbury, one of the biggest festivals in the world, is just weeks away. With tickets in hand, you look in the shed or your loft for your tent. No joy.

Wellies? You definitely need a new pair as you wore those ones a couple of years ago.

Fear not. As seasoned festival goers, the Complete Outdoors team have pulled together the ultimate Glastonbury packing list, which will get you through four days in a large field in the middle of Somerset.

Whether it's 2019 or beyond, there are some staple items you need to pack for Glastonbury. Your Glastonbury essentials, if you like.

We've created a checklist below for during the day, at night, and at your tent, where your feet will need a well earned rest.

The Glastonbury sign looks over the whole festival area

First up, remember space is at a premium. If you can't carry or wheel it in, it isn't coming in.

So, the first tip is to keep things light. Not many people will be showering, so don't worry about endless amounts of t-shirts and shorts. Some people wear the same thing all week, but we're going to assume you like a little bit of sanitisation, and may change clothes more than once.


  • Your sacred Glastonbury ticket
  • Cash and a bank card
  • Tent – try this Coleman Cortes 3, or this bigger Coleman Cortes 4
  • Camera – some people use their phone, some people use disposable cameras, others use a fully fledged SLR. The choice is yours.
  • Sleeping bag – check the weather before you go, but we would generally recommend a light, simple two season sleeping bag, such as the Vango Nitestar Sleeping Bag
  • Printed Clashfinder - your holy grail when you don't know which venue to go to. Plan in advance. We even once got it laminated so it would survive the mud and rain!
  • Phone - if you're going in a big group, it might be worth swapping out your precious iPhone for something a bit more simple, like an old Nokia. Save the numbers beforehand, and you're good to go.
  • Beer trolley / sack truck / wheelbarrow - with your pack, your booze, your tent(s), your chairs...that's a lot of weight. Make it easier on yourself and buy or borrow something on wheels.
Tents galore at Glastonbury


  • Carrier bags / bin liners - collect your rubbish and empty beer cans as sometimes the main bins get overloaded
  • Flip flops
  • Tea bags, coffee, sugar, squash, milk cartons and anything for breakfast
  • Plastic cups - it's nice to take a break from drinking warm wine out of a Camelbak
  • Sunglasses
  • Camping chairs - light, easy to fold, important for resting the feet and posing. We can't stress this enough - other than lying down or standing up, there aren't many places to sit. Rest your legs when you can!
  • Camping stove - how else are you going to make tea, coffee and maybe a bacon roll on the first morning?
  • Portable phone charger - if you're using your phone for photos and videos, the battery will drain. We recommend carrying one around with you, and storing another in your tent. That should see you through the long weekend.
  • Sun tan lotion - keep reapplying whenever you can
  • Duct tape - if anything goes wrong with the tent, this will be your saviour
  • Waterproof stuff sacks - if it pours down and your backpack isn't waterproof, this will keep things dry


  • Various clothes for day wear (pack lots of socks and underwear, and longer pairs of socks so your wellies don't rub). Shorts, walking trousers, and a few tops and shirts.
  • Sun cream - carry this everywhere you go
  • Toilet roll and baby wipes - your most important items
  • Camelbaks / hydration bladders of wine, other alcohol and / or water
  • Hand sanitiser - better safe than sorry
  • Rucksack - plenty of compartments for various items. We would suggest a simple 20L rucksack (depending on how much booze you want to carry around)
  • Sunglasses (a cheap second pair)
  • Jumper for the evening - if you're planning on being away from your tent all day and night, pack a warm, lightweight jumper.
  • Waterproof jacket - just in case. Keep it light. We would suggest the Mac In A Sac Neon Series, and the Mac In A Sac Poncho.
  • Wellies - Glastonbury wouldn't be Glastonbury without rain, mud and wellies. Go for a pair of iconic Hunters
  • Sun hat - handy if it's sunny, handy if it's raining.
  • First aid kit - specifically plasters, blister plasters, paracetamol, Immodium and Ibuprofen
  • Cash and bank card 


  • Sleep Mats - the ground is cold, and this will keep you warm. We recommend the lightweight Vango Trek Mat or the Outwell Sleepin Single.
  • Ear plugs - if you're a light sleeper
  • Basic wash kit - Go for travel miniatures to save space and weight: miniature shower gel, miniature toothpaste, miniature moisturiser, toothbrush, miniature deodorant. Sorted.
  • Head torch - keep this in your backpack during the day too, just in case. You'll want to inspect those toilets before sitting down, especially on Saturday and Sunday
  • A clean bag of clothes to go home in – if you're driving, leave these in the car. Otherwise, leave them in your tent. Trust us, they will feel amazing.
There are plenty of shops within Glastonbury that should stock anything else you need. Remember, stay safe, drink responsibly, and have fun!

Have we missed anything from our ultimate Glastonbury packing list? Please feel free to comment below and we'll add it to the post.

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