Waterproof Rucksacks: 10 Of The Best For 2015


The team at Complete Outdoors go hiking a lot. We appreciate that waterproof kit can make or break your outdoor trip, and that starts with your backpack.

SealLine Waterproof Backpacks - Perfect for cycling

We stock many rucksacks that have a built-in waterproof cover, but for the avid rucksack fan, a proper waterproof backpack takes the hassle out of taking off your pack, getting out the cover and generally getting more wet than you need to.

As such, we wanted to share our top ten waterproof rucksacks with you. We've split the list into two sections: backpacks under 35 litres, and backpacks over 35 litres.


Handy for day packs and even commuting, these small waterproof rucksacks are perfect for keeping everything dry.

Waterproof Backpacks Under 35 Litres - Complete Outdoors

1. SealLine Small Urban Backpack - £98.99 - BUY ONLINE

Available in orange, grey, red or green, these 17 litre RF-welded backpacks offer seamless all-weather commuter protection courtesy of a watertight roll-down closure, keeping everything inside snug and dry.

2. Exped Cloudburst 25l Drypack - £34.99 - BUY ONLINE

A popular seller, the Exped Cloudburst is a lightweight and waterproof pack that can be used for all kinds of outdoor activities. With a fold and roll closure, the Cloudburst is perfect for backpacking.

3. Ortlieb 20L Velocity Backpack - £67.99 - BUY ONLINE

Ortileb are one of the leading providers of waterproof backpacks, and appear several times in our list. This 20 litre drypack is perfect for cyclists and messengers. This long life rucksack has a padded foam back, anatomically shaped shoulder, as well as waist and chest straps, and is available in a range of colours.

4. SealLine Shoulder Bag - £98.99 - BUY ONLINE

OK, we know this technically isn't a rucksack, but we wanted to show you that everyday waterproof bags are also available. SealLine do this fantastic shoulder bag, perfect for work, school or commuting.

5. Over-Board Classic 30L Waterproof Backpack - £49.99 - BUY ONLINE

Whilst we don't stock Over-Board backpacks, they are well worth a mention. They always pop up in waterproof backpack lists, and are competitively priced. Available in yellow or black, they will even float if dropped in water...


For longer backpacking trips and expeditions, larger packs are required. Here's our top 5 waterproof backpacks over 35 litres:

Waterproof Backpacks Over 35 Litres - Complete Outdoors

6. SealLine Large Urban Backpack - £112.99 - BUY ONLINE

The bigger brother of the urban backpack listed above, the large version comes in the same colours, but with a 37 litre capacity. If you want to go even larger, SealLine do a 70L and 115L version.

7. Ortlieb Transporter Rucksack (49L) - £99.99 - BUY ONLINE

Designed for carrying bulky goods, the Transporter backpack has an adjustable lid and reinforced base, perfect for tough environments.

8. Ortlieb 50L Travel Bag - £116.99 - BUY ONLINE

Ortlieb make another appearance, this time with a durable holdall. Great for sports, weekend trips or other heavy duty use.

9. Over-Board 60L Tube Backpack - £54.99 - BUY ONLINE

Well priced for a high capacity backpack, Over-Board offer this 100% waterproof 'dry tube' that protects against water, sand, dirt and dust and comes complete with the popular fold seal system.

10. Musto Evolution 40L Backpack - £109.00 - BUY ONLINE

Another not stocked by Complete Outdoors, but for those looking for more of a premium brand label on their waterproof rucksacks, then this is the one for you. The Evolution also has an internal organiser and padded laptop section, as well as a handy outer pocket with splash proof protection.

Don't forget, if you've already got a backpack you're more than happy with, simply stock up with dry bags to separate your kit and keep everything inside your backpack dry.

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