17 Christmas Gift Ideas For Outdoor Lovers


"Ah, I don't know what to get my boyfriend/girlfriend for Christmas! They are very outdoorsy though, so maybe something along those lines?"

Sound familiar? Fear not. The Complete Outdoors team have rounded up a list of seventeen Christmas gift ideas for outdoorsy men and women, which will, hopefully, bring a smile to their face when they unwrap their present on Christmas Day.

So, here goes nothing - 17 Christmas gifts for outdoor lovers!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Outdoors Lovers - Complete Outdoors

1. LifeVenture Body Travel Wallet - £10.99 - A secret pouch to carry around your money, passport and other small valuables. Perfect for those about to travel around the world.

2. Robens Firefly Stove - £24.99 - Is this the world's smallest camping stove? Probably. Does it make an awesome Christmas present for someone that loves lightweight camping kit? Absolutely.

3. UE Boom Wireless Speaker - £139.99 - These awesome speakers are pretty much unbreakable. Smash proof, waterproof, and they kick out a fantastic sound.

4. Exped Cloudburst Waterproof Backpack - £36.99 - It's been a wet December so far, and with no let up, why not treat a friend, family member (or yourself!) to this awesome colourful, waterproof backpack.

5. Ortileb Waterproof Map Case - £17.99 - A lot of OS maps aren't waterproof. Make sure you keep your maps dry with the simple yet awesome waterproof map case.

6. AGM Flint & Striker set - £5.99 - Perfect for campers who strive for an authentic experience. Waterproof matches? Pfft. Give them a flint and striker set.

7. Bear Grylls Basic Survival Kit - £29.99 - Bear Grylls Survival Kit. That's all you need to say for this outdoorsy gift.

8. Gerber MP400 Compact Multi Tool- £109.99 - The ultimate multi-tool for camping, hiking and travelling. No devout explorer should be without one.

9. Stanley Classic Hip Flask - £19.99 - A great gift addition for Christmas. Strong, sturdy and will hold lots of your favourite tipple.

10. Joby Gorillapod For GoPros - £18.99 - Gorilla Pods are brilliant travel companions when you don't have a human travel companion. Set it up anywhere, attach the GoPro and get filming.

11. TomTom Multisport GPS Watch - £220.07 - One for the sports geeks, this awesome waterproof GPS watch also includes an altimeter and heart rate monitor.

12. BESTEK USB Charging Lantern - £15.99 - Going camping? This lantern not only kicks out a bright light, it also allows you to plug in a USB cable to charge your iPhone or iPad. A great addition to your camping kit!

13. Bolle Bluetooth Audio Ski Helmet - £128.99 - One for your skiing and snowboarding friends. This awesome helmet has Bluetooth speakers built into the padded ears, and connects to your iPhone without fiddly wires, allowing you to cruise the slopes with your favourite tunes blaring.

14. LevinTM Giant+ Solar Panel Charger - £15.99 - When you're really out in the wilderness with no plug socket in sight, this solar charging panel will help give some juice back to your phone battery.

15. Eagle Creek Gear Hauler Black Backpack - £128.99 - This isn't just any old backpack. It has a huge amount of load space, and has a separate laptop / iPad compartment, as well as a huge main zipped pocket.

16. Cocoon Hyperlight Air Pillow - £24.99 - A simple yet brilliant camping gift. Be sure to raise a 'oh I wish I had one of those' sentence from friends and fellow campers with this lightweight air pillow.

17: Parrot Bebop Drone Camera - £359.99 - Not the cheapest gift, but drones are slowly coming into fashion, and not many people have them. So why not splash out and scrub up on your airborne camera skills with this Parrot drone.

There you have it! Got a suggestion for a great Christmas gift for outdoors lovers? Let us know in the comments below!

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