UK Government School Children Plan For National Parks


The UK government has announced new plans to safeguard the future of our National Parks, and their iconic landscapes.

New Plan for National Parks - UK Government - School Children
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The new Plan for National Parks encourages the engagement of young people throughout their education, including bringing more than 80,000 primary school children to the National Parks, putting National Parks in the curriculum at secondary school, doubling the number of youth volunteers in National Parks as part of the National Citizen Service in their first steps to employment, and doubling apprenticeships in National Parks by 2020.

Around 30 million people in England live within an hour of a National Park, the plans aim to bring more diverse visitors to the National Parks. The aim is to generate 100 million visitors, which in turn will deliver around £440 million to local businesses, adding to the £4 billion already generated by National Parks. Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss, said:

[The] National Parks already welcome over 90 million visitors every year and make a major contribution to our vibrant rural economy - but too many children in our country are not aware of these natural wonders...our beautiful lakes and dales, moors and fells are a symbol of this country, part of our British identity...[and] by instilling a love of nature in our young people and building thriving communities in every National Park, our plan will allow these unique spaces to flourish for generations to come.

For more information, please visit the Plan For National Parks page at

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