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"Everything changes and yet everything remains the same" as Aristotle said.

It's the same with Fjallraven too. The great outdoors asks the same questions of us: rain, wind, cold, perspiration management and mankind comes up with different materials to answer these. And yet, Fjallraven's G1000 fabrics have been answering these questions in the same way for over 50 years and still perform admirably.

Fjallraven AW16/17 Jackets Now In Stock - Complete Outdoors

This form of "soft shell" allows the user comfort well ahead of "hard shells" due to its superb moisture management. G1000 is also super durable, stylish and versatile and thus offers excellent value for money.

Our founder, Ake Nordin (aged 14 back in 1950) created his own frame backpack as what was available was so poor. He fashioned it using his mum's sewing machine. By 1960 and, after a spell in the FJS Parachute Ranger school, he formed Fjallraven going on to invent condensation free tents and to use G1000 materials that we see today.

Complete Outdoors stock a range of Fjallraven apparel and accessories, including lots of new AW16 items. The Skogso Padded Jacket will keep you warm, but is also a versatile hill piece but won't look out of place in town. Our Byron hats (brown, red or olive) can be matched with any of these items - soft to the touch but tough and functional yet stylish.

In the UK, Fjallraven have become synonymous with stylish, practical backpacks, so we made sure we grabbed some of those too. Check out the Re-Kanken (similar to the Kanken but reinvented from a recycling/recyclable perspective that saves natural resources).

Fjallraven AW16/17 Backpacks Now In Stock - Complete Outdoors

The Fjallraven AW16/17 Re-Kanken Backpack In Blue - Complete Outdoors

Come and learn more about Fjallraven at your local outdoor experts - Complete Outdoors.

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