Get Social, Follow The Goat & Win!


As part of our brand refresh, you're going to see a lot more of our mountain ibex. Technically they are a breed of goat, so we've come up with the hashtag #followthegoat.

Just like the mountain goat, we want you to roam, explore and - like our new slogan - go anywhere and do anything.

We want you to get social with us. Whenever you're out and about - it doesn't matter if it's camping in your garden or climbing an English peak, take a snap, post it on social media, tag us in the pic and use the hashtag #followthegoat and/or #goanywheredoanything.

Follow The Goat & Go Anywhere, Do Anything - Snap and Win - Complete Outdoors

The Complete Outdoors team will be watching carefully and those we deem awesome will receive a special prize!

Here's our social handles for reference:

Happy snapping!

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