Best Winter Gloves For Farming


Every now and again we get a question from one of the many outdoor communities we work with. Recently we got a question on Twitter from a Welsh farmer - "What are the best gloves for winter farming and farm work?"

What are the best winter gloves for farm work? We think Sealskinz are perfect.

From our point of view the best gloves for farming are ones that have the following attributes:
  • Lightweight - farmers don't want or need bulky gloves. They need to come off easily, be put on easily and be stored in pockets
  • Hard-wearing - from opening gates to fixing fences, the gloves need to have a robust palm to ensure they don't rip apart during heavy work
  • Waterproof and windproof - most of the farming areas in the UK are open to the elements - wind, rain, sleet, howling gales and chilly snow down the back of the jacket - you name it, farmers withstand it, so the gloves need to withstand rain and wind
Our recommendation? The Sealskinz All Weather gloves.

The All Season gloves have a tough goat skin leather palm, offering great levels of grip, and the thin profile design allows for the dexterity needed for active activities, such as farming.

Available in XS through to XL, you can get the Sealskinz All Weather gloves in our Bourne End store (between Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted), or online >

Sealskinz All Weather Waterproof Gloves - Complete Outdoors

If you want even more dexterity and flexibility, try the Sealskinz Dragon Eye gloves.

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