Robens Tent Reviews 2019


It's 9:52am in mid February, and the outside temperature is -2.

Myself and the team at the Complete Outdoors cannot wait for that early Spring sunshine and the start of the camping season.

Why? Well, we think this season will be our best yet as we have, in our opinion, the best range of tents to suit any adventure you wish to take on.

You will be able to see the new range of tents at our store daily, and on top of that we are taking our tents on the road, making an appearance at local events and even running our own tent shows. Make sure you hashtag #followthegoat this summer to keep an eye on our progress!

Of all the tent ranges we do, the Robens collection (our biggest yet) has to be the most eye catching.

Who doesn't like a tipi and the ability to use the amazing Anevay Frontier Stove inside to keep warm and to cook up a big pot of chilli?...


So lets get down to business, and look through our Robens tents for this season. 

The classic Klondike – this tent has been a popular choice with our customers for many years. The poly cotton fabric makes the tent robust, but also performs better in rain and heat compared to polyester (clever.) This roomy tent offers a great space for families and groups and the vertical door makes for easy access especially in bad weather.  The central pole makes this tent super quick to erect and the groundsheet can be zipped out to dry quicker (or if you fancy sleeping on the green grass).

Robens tents and tipis - 2018 camping season

When ordering your coffee do you always go for the large option? Well now you can with your tent. Say hello to the Klondike Grande.

This tipi is new for the 2018 season and offers you all the same benefits of the classic Klondike. It’s just been super sized.

Hands up! Who loves a bit of retro living? Old school camping is back at the Complete Outdoors with the ProspectorShack. This compact 6 person tent captures the old pioneer spirit but with modern performance. The tent stands strong with an A frame with a ridge pole and the Hydro Tex polycotton brings comfort from the elements.

Just like the Klondike the Prospector shack includes a stovepipe port to add your stove. Being warm after a long day of gold panning is a must.

The Prospector Tarp-  When added to the front of the Prospector Shack  the tarp creates a perfect living area. It’s a great place to sit around eating dinner and watching the sun set with family and friends.  The tarp can also be used as a stand alone tarp or to connect 2 tents together which makes it a must in your camping essentials..

Are you the individual that likes to own a piece of kit that stands out from the rest? Have a look at the Trapper- it combines the best bits from a tipi and a tunnel tent. Its sizeable enclosed living area provides plenty of standing space, and with its single off set central pole, it creates plenty of space in the sleeping area. Another bonus is the hooped front pole which gives the tent an openness into the outdoors.

Feeling left out with all these big tents? Want something a little smaller for a weekend break?

Look no further, the Fairbanks is the one for you. The slightly tilted design maximises the useable inner space. This is, in our opinion, perfect for 2 - but can sleep 4 if needed. It has many similar features to the larger tents mentioned above, just on a smaller scale.

Fancy a tipi that you can backpack with? We have that to offer as well! The award winning Green Cone (Camping Magazine editors choice 2017) – If last year was anything to go by, then be quick (unlike the boss) because this one won’t be hanging around. This versatile 4 person tent has great headroom, featuring an offset central pole for easy access to the large porch and inner. Depending on your adventure, you can save weight on your back by removing the inner and adjusting the telescopic centre pole so the outer sits close to the ground - the perfect bivvy bag!

All these tents will be on display at the Complete Outdoors. If you have one let us know - we love seeing pics of our tents in the wild!

Use the hashtag #followthegoat and tag us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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